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Engaging and Motivating the Team

Level:N/A Duration:1 Full Day CII CPD Hours:6

Aimed at managers and or team leaders who are looking to gain insight into people management skills.

This one day course will help you to understand the barriers to why teams and individuals can so easily become disengaged at work. We cover a blend of theory and practical application with strategies to take way and use immediately.

This course is divided into 2 x 3 hour virtual live modules delivered over one day using video and audio to maximise delegates participation and learning.

Course Content

Motivating and Engaging the team– 3 hours with breaks

  • Overview of what management and leadership is
  • Understanding your team’s maturity and levels of engagement
  • What motivation is and is not
  • Motivation myths
  • Organisational change and effects on motivation
  • Change management models to support resistance to change
  • SCARF – neuroscience model of the threat and reward response of motivation
  • Practical discussions and action plans in team motivation

Module 2: Delegating and Giving Feedback – 3 hours with breaks

  • What delegation is and is not
  • Your comfort and stretch zone of delegation
  • What gets in the way of delegation for manager and team member
  • Mindsets for delegation
  • ABCD of delegation – a structured approach to expressing expectations
  • Feedback – Constructive vs Destructive language
  • Giving feedback in a coaching style
  • Feedback practice
  • Action plan and review

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