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Personal Assertiveness and Effectiveness


This personal assertiveness training workshop helps to develop skills in self-management and dealing with people assertively.

There is a big difference between assertiveness and aggression. Through practical advice, and a chance to practice in a safe environment, delegates will leave the workshop knowing the steps and mindset required to become a more assertive individual.

Our personal assertiveness training workshop is for those needing to build up their confidence and learn how to assert themselves without being aggressive.

Course Content

  • Your Assertiveness Profile – to assess the manner you choose to influence others
  • Communication Skills
  • Different styles of behaviour
  • Assertive/non-assertive behaviour
  • Positive Working Relationships
  • Projecting a positive image
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Communicating Assertively
  • Broken Record
  • Workable Compromise
  • Fogging
  • Positive Inner Dialogues
  • Discrepancy Assertion
  • Negative Feelings Assertion
  • Saying No
  • Persuasive/Influential Communication
  • Strategies for audience handling
  • Personal action planning.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the main features of assertive, submissive and aggressive behaviour
  • Identify your own preferred behavioural profile
  • Explain non-verbal behaviour and the impact that this behaviour can have on others
  • Identify areas of your working life where you should improve your assertive behaviour
  • Adopt and practice techniques to help you behave in an assertive manner
  • Develop a strategy for coping with difficult and aggressive people

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