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Financial Promotions


This financial promotions workshop provides an overview of the FCA’s rules for financial advertising and examines the do’s and don’ts for creating promotional materials.

Course Content

The session will be of interest to those working in marketing, who may be involved in the production of advertising material, who wish to understand more about the underlying rules and requirements set out in the FCA’s Handbook. The course also looks at other statutory bodies such as the Advertising Standards Authority and discusses how marketeers can construct financial advertising which should avoid regulatory scrutiny.


Those involved in the review and sign off of financial advertising, eg compliance staff, management or those in the 1st or 2nd lines of defence will also benefit from the course, as we spend some time looking at the approvals process and record keeping requirements.


The course explains what a financial promotion is and examines some of the dos and don’ts helping to ensure your advertising is compliant and will stand up to scrutiny. We consider the underlying systems and controls which help achieve best practice and how these can be implemented within the firm to help meet the FCA’s requirements. Some worked examples are included to help with the learning outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the rules and requirements outlined in the FCA handbook regarding advertising materials.
  • Be aware of the impact of the Advertising Standards Authority on financial promotions.
  • Understand the responsibilities of intermediaries, brokers and other third parties.
  •  Understand how to approve a financial promotion from start to finish.
  • Consider the rules and requirements from your organisation’s perspective
  • Recognise and implement an effective review and sign-off process.
  • Achieve best practices and understand what good and bad promotions look like through the use of examples and case studies.

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