High Net Worth Insurance


March 31


9:30 - 15:30

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Searchlight Solutions

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This workshop looks at how HNW insurance builds on the insurance covers available as standard, in particular household insurance policies.

Our HNW insurance training workshop looks at the special features of high net worth insurance and how these influence the acceptance and pricing of such risks.

Workshop content includes:

  • Defining a High Net Worth customer
  • Standard underwriting risk factors, e.g. Proposer, Location of Buildings, Contents etc.
  • High Net Worth policy covers,conditions and exclusions
  • Specific High Net Worth risks
  • The concept of risk management and its application to High Net Worth risks
  • The principles and procedures for handling High Net Worth insurance claims

After attending this workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the potential market for high net worth business and its importance in relation to other classes of business – recognise a typical High Net Worth customer profile
  • Define the additional covers that are offered under a High Net Worth policy compared to standard policy cover
  • Compare High Net Worth policy covers, conditions and exclusions
  • Understand the standard underwriting features for High Net Worth risks, e.g. proposer, location, sums insured etc.
  • Understand the underwriting and pricing of risks unique to High Net Worth customers, e.g. valuables, wines, collections etc.
  • Outline additional covers available to High Net Worth customers, e.g. travel
  • Outline the concept of risk management and its application, with regard to underwriting and surveys for High Net Worth risks, e.g. security
  • Recognise the importance of satisfactory claims settlement for High Net Worth customers

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