Introduction to Underwriting - Searchlight Insurance Training

Introduction to Underwriting

This course provides an excellent introduction to the principles and practices involved in underwriting business and includes a section on the London market, concentrating on generic underwriting. The day comprises a presentation with group discussions and relevant case studies.

The course is suitable for anyone who needs an understanding of the principles of underwriting and assumes no prior knowledge. It is also relevant for anyone who works in underwriting or broking who needs knowledge of the subject.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • The underwriter – role, duty and authority
  • Underwriting skills – selecting, pricing, financial understanding, relationship and portfolio management, negotiating and influencing
  • The principles of pricing
  • Underwriting controls
  • Reinsurance and reserving strategies
  • Managing exposures
  • How risks are placed in London and the underwriter’s role in this practice.

On completion of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the underwriter
  • Understand what underwriting skills are required
  • Understand the principles of pricing
  • Understand how business is placed in the London market
  • Outline underwriting controls
  • Outline reinsurance and reserving strategies
  • Outline managing exposure.