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Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The analysis of training needs within a firm calls for the input and guidance of experienced professionals. For insurance firms, not only is it a regulatory requirement to show how you are working towards staff competence, it is also best business practice to take a structured and planned approach to identifying the training needs of your team, both at individual and corporate level.

We offer a range of TNA services to suit each type and size of firm and the depth of information you require.
In agreement with you, we take a sample of your workforce, consider your organisational aspirations and produce a practical, value for money report that sets out recommendations for the development tools that can get you where you want to be.

Express TNA

Suitable for small companies (up to 25 staff) that require a brief assessment of their training needs from a training professional.This “express” service provides you with a summary report of training needs and recommendations for action.

Mini Organisational TNA

Suitable for companies employing up to 25 staff, we adapt our standard “matrix” approach to create an overview of organisational training needs.It is suited to small firms who have modest or informal reporting structures and who require a structured report showing areas of need.

Departmental TNA

Similar to the Mini Organisational TNA, this is suitable for departments or groups of up to 25 staff within larger firms and takes either a “matrix” approach or a full TNA.

Full Organisational TNA

Our full TNA service is suitable for all organisations that need a complete and detailed assessment of their organisational training needs.It provides you with a comprehensive analysis and recommendation and comes with a model training and development plan.

We will undertake the TNA by reviewing all relevant company documentation, e.g. business plans, appraisals etc. as well as onsite fact finds and/or interviews with managers and/or personnel.

All our TNA work is conducted within the context of the regulatory framework by industry professionals.

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