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Underwriting and Risk Assessment – Intermediate

Level:Intermediate Duration:1 Day CII CPD Hours:6

This interactive underwriting and risk assessment training workshop explores underwriting and risk assessment in greater detail, predominantly with reference to commercial risks.

It is ideal for brokers who already have some practical experience of handling or placing commercial insurance, who are looking to build their knowledge in any area of underwriting and risk assessment.

Our underwriting and risk assessment training workshop provides a structured overview of the subject, tailored on the day to delegates’ specific needs and interests.

  • After attending this workshop, delegates will be able to:
    • Outline the types of information generally required by insurers to successfully underwrite a risk and describe the various means insurers have of accessing this information
    • Outline the options available to underwriters at the different stages of the insurance process (quotation, acceptance and renewal) from the perspectives of pricing and application of contractual terms and conditions
    • Recognise the principles of contract law as they relate to underwriting
    • Identify the reasons why a survey may be required
    • Demonstrate the features of a risk which are assessed from a survey
    • Define risk management and the benefits for the insurer and customer
  • Workshop content includes:
    • A review of the information required by insurers and how it is obtained
    • Identify the options available to underwriters at inception, renewal and during the policy  period
    • A consideration of the pricing mechanism, basis of cover and terms and conditions to be applied
    • A review of the available amendments to policy wordings and their affect on cover
    • Exploration of the principles of contract law as they particularly relate to underwriting
    • Explanation of and features to be recognised in survey reports
    • A detailed consideration of risk management and the opportunities for both customers and insurers.

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