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Policy Wordings Interpretation Webinar

Level:N/A Duration:3 Hours CII CPD Hours:3

This participative policy wordings interpretation training webinar will suit anyone who needs a good basic understanding of how general insurance policy wordings operate and how key terms can affect the cover provided. The training is delivered in a single three-hour session via Zoom or equivalent. The webinar will include a number of practical exercises designed to reinforce and embed learning.

We strongly recommend using a desktop computer with a working camera while participating in this mentoring skills training. This allows you to take full advance of the technology, which isn’t always possible using iPads, tablets or phones. Using a computer or static laptop keeps the camera in the right place for you to see everyone else, and for them to see you.

If you or a member of your staff would like to take part in this policy wordings interpretation training webinar, please call us on 01372 361177 or email

  • Those participating in this webinar will learn about:
    • How general insurance policy wordings work
    • How to apply a sound basic knowledge of the principles underlying the drafting of policy wordings to interpret conditions affecting general insurance claims
    • How to interpret the structure, functions and contents of an insurance contract, including the schedule
    • The meaning and conventional use of common policy conditions and exclusions
    •  The distinction between warranties, conditions, representations and exclusions.

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