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Introduction to Parametric Insurance

Level:Introduction Duration:Half Day CII CPD Hours:3hrs

This introduction to parametric insurance workshop is an excellent opportunity for delegates who already have a basic grasp of insurance principles to develop their understanding this type of insurance. Parametric insurance is not new, but it is a rapidly developing area as it leverages new methods of utilising information

  • After attending this workshop, delegates will be able to:
    • Outline the features of parametric insurance
    • Know when parametric insurance can be used as an alternative or to supplement conventional insurance
    • Be aware of the main parametric products currently offered or being developed
  • Workshop contents includes:
    • Brief history of parametric insurance
    • What is parametric insurance – various product examples
    • How parametric solutions differ from other insurance solutions
    • How parametric insurance fits with conventional insurance products
    • Future potential of parametric solutions for SMEs

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