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Farming Insurance – Intermediate

Level:Intermediate Duration:1 Day CII CPD Hours:6

This interactive farm insurance training workshop is suitable for those with some knowledge of farm insurance who have worked in the industry for a number of years and want to expand their knowledge

The workshop will include a detailed description of the major covers available to farmers, health and safety issues and claims considerations.

Our farm insurance training workshop assumes that the delegates are familiar with the general principles of insurance.

  • After attending this workshop, delegates will be able to:
    • List the main forms of property, pecuniary, liability and motor insurances relating to farm insurance
    • Discuss diversification
    • Outline the main policy cover, conditions and exclusions of typical Farm insurance policies covering property damage, business interruption and livestock risks. Personal Accident. Motor Insurance.
    • Describe the type of information required to obtain farm insurance quotations and detail calculations of appropriate sums insured
    • Detail the hazards and H & S considerations relating to the farming industry
    • Describe claims examples and inconsistencies of cover
  • Workshop content includes:
    • Legislation and/or regulations requiring compulsory insurance
    • The major covers:
      • Property Damage
      • Business Interruption
      • Liability
      • Livestock
      • Personal Accident
      • Crop Damage, e.g. Hail
      • Environment Impairment
      • Legal Protection
      • Agricultural Motor insurance
    • Diversification
    • Typical farm insurance policy conditions and exclusions
    • The special condition of average applicable to farmers
    • Underwriting – the information required and the basis of rating
    • Health & Safety – Make the Promise
    • Claims

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