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Claims Fraud – Intermediate

Level:Intermediate Duration:1 Day CII CPD Hours:6

This intermediate claims fraud training workshop  provides delegates with a detailed analysis of the techniques and skills necessary to prevent and/or combat fraud.

The workshop will be a full day session featuring numerous exercises, with delegates working individually and in teams.

Our intermediate claims fraud training workshop is aimed at anyone underwriters, claims or other staff concerned with their firm’s potential exposure to fraud.

  • After attending this workshop, delegates will be able to:
    • Describe the current legal position regarding fraud and bribery
    • Understand how a fraudster thinks, their motivations etc
    • Grasp and apply the interviewing techniques necessary to evaluate the veracity of statements given by policyholders, witnesses etc
    • Analyse information to determine whether there is a possibility of fraud
    • Apply and develop fraud prevention and detection measures to reduce exposure
    • Show an understanding of how both verbal and non verbal deceptive behaviour can be identified
    • Identify and analyse the steps that can be taken to establish and verify misleading/false statements.
  • Workshop contents includes:
    • What constitutes fraud?
    • The current legal position in the UK
    • Steps taken by the UK Insurance industry taken to combat fraud ….and a few tricks they could be missing
    • How can you identify a fraudster?
    • Criminal psychology: the basics
    • A step by step approach to the cognitive Interviewing and conversation management approaches, including:
      • Interview and questioning techniques
      • Verbal and non-verbal behaviour
      • Techniques for the interviewer to assist remembrance
    • The alternatives to a face to face interview
      Tactical options to reduce exposure to fraud.

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