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Best Laid Plans (Successful Project Management)

Level:N/A Duration:1 Day CII CPD Hours:6

Research suggests many projects fail to hit their objectives. This is often caused by a lack of planning, scope creep, moving goalposts, changing priorities, budget cuts or diverted resource. But projects that benefit from skilful project management can deliver outstanding results.

This interactive project management workshop focuses on the essentials for success, with particular emphasis on change management and some of the softer skills that can often be overlooked.

We outline a project management framework that set out clearly how to plan, implement and close projects effectively so that they become a catalyst for positive change.

  • After attending this workshop, delegates will be able to:
    • Appreciate the ‘brilliant basics’ that lead to effective, objective-achieving projects
    • Appreciate the project lifecycle of Initiation> Planning> Implementation> Closure
    • Employ decision-making models such as Six Hats Thinking, Force Field Analysis, SWOT, and PESTEL
    • Undertake a risk analysis
    • Appreciate the normal emotional journey when confronted with change, why we tend to resist change and how to help accelerate progress around the cycle
    • Employ twelve key competencies for implementing projects to achieve their objectives. Includes budget control, managing the project teams, having a support structure for planning and governance purposes, focusing on the critical path, issue management, running purposeful project meetings and closure.
  • Workshop content includes:
    • Setting the scene
    • Key factors in leading and managing change/projects effectively, plus cardinal sins
    • How to use tools and models to make good, informed decisions:
      • Six Hats Thinking
      • Force Field Analysis
      • Risk Analysis
      • Intuition and gut feel
    • How to manage projects and change effectively
      • Recognising the importance of the change cycle
      • Initiation – Planning – Implementation – Closure
      • Kotter’s steps for implementing change
      • Employing a project management framework
      • Skills of a Project Manager.

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