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Sales Skills Refresher


The mindset and skillset of a company’s account executives directly influence its performance. This sales skills training workshop explains how.

Think about it: if people buy people before they buy products and services, what do your customers buy about you?

What impressions and messages do your account executives send to your customers – from the first words on the phone, to the strength of a handshake on a first meeting? These things really do make a proven difference.

This interactive sales skills training workshop gets under the surface of sales skills to promote new thinking, new behaviours and improved performance.

Course Content

  • Examining the mindset of a successful Account Executive
  • Your Personal Brand – would you buy from you?
  • Your personal presence, energy and your impact on the customer
  • Relationship selling vs. transactional selling
  • Mind your language – It IS what you say AND how you say it
  • Influencing skills for advanced communicators
  • Features, advantages, benefits
  • Why treating customers how we’d like to be treated ourselves doesn’t work
  • Looking at keeping the dialogue open after ‘No Thanks’
  • Getting more referrals.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop your personal brand
  • Understand the impact you are having on your clients personally and what messages you are sending out
  • Have a new set of communication tools aimed at becoming a more persuasive yet trusted Executive
  • Demonstrate accurate presentation of product benefits in order to remove customer effort from the buying cycle
  • Appreciate the importance of language, tonality and timing through quality communication
  • Be able to flex across different communication environments in order to personalise sales dialogue
  • Achieve a greater level of confidence and polish when handling client resistance and obtain more sales through varying the approach to closing.

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