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Reinsurance – Intermediate


This is an interactive reinsurance training workshop, designed for learners who already have a basic understanding of reinsurance and who want to add to that knowledge by learning how reinsurance operates in practice.

Our intermediate level reinsurance training workshop provides practical examples and exercises illustrating how reinsurance premiums and claims are worked out.

Course Content

  • Proportional treaties, including proportional and surplus – allocation of risks, year of account, premium and claims reserves, large loss notifications, profit commission and portfolio transfers
  • Non-Proportional treaties, including per risk and cat – premium bases, flat or adjustable, minimum and deposit premiums, adjustments, burning costs, claims bases and reinstatements
  • Facultative Quota Share – fac oblig.
  • Facultative Excess of Loss – EML/PML
  • Aggregate and stop loss treaties – claim calculations
  • Calculate the allocation of losses across programmes

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss in detail the differences between facultative, treaty and other forms of reinsurance
  • Understand how to protect a property account and a casualty account
  • Show how risks are allocated to the different types of proportional treaties
  • Show how claims are recovered from a catastrophe excess of loss programme
  • Understand aggregation, exposure and rating bases
  • Construct a loaded burning cost calculation
  • Show an understanding of the interrelationship of the different methods and types of reinsurance by allocating losses across complex reinsurance programmes

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