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Managing the Hybrid Workforce: Strategies & Best Practice


This course provides attendees with the knowledge and skills required when managing a hybrid work force. This session will assist attendees in developing a strategy to align their workforce and business objectives and effectively manage and engage remote workers.

This course is highly participative and will include a discussion on the unique challenges and benefits of working from home and the legal obligations of the employer. Attendees will learn effective communication and collaboration methods and discover how to create a culture of inclusivity and flexibility within their organisation.

Course Content

  • The legal environment when the employee’s home is also their place of work
  • Employer obligations
  • Providing the tools and resources for employees to work effectively
  • Addressing the isolation and disconnection that can come with remote work
  • How managers and team leaders can encourage employee engagement
  • The use of technology – pro’s and con’s

Learning Objectives

  • Summarise the key legal requirements to be satisfied when managing home workers
  • Know how to encourage employee engagement for remote workers
  • Understand how to create flexible work arrangements and policies
  • Know how to identify and combat isolation of staff members
  • Identify the benefits of home working as part of a hybrid workforce strategy
  • Be able to exercise a proportionate degree of oversight and control of home workers

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