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Liability Insurance Claims – Intermediate


Effective liability insurance claims handling or monitoring requires subtle skills developed by practical experience and a sound knowledge of legal issues/procedures and a range of policy covers. This participative liability insurance claims training workshop is designed to provide much of that knowledge and to help develop an understanding of how it may be applied in a practical way.

Our liability insurance claims training workshop is suitable for delegates with some claims handling experience who need to expand or consolidate their knowledge base.

Course Content

  • Legal obligations: civil and criminal
  • How legal liability arises
  • Types of actions that can arise in tort, contract and statute – individually and combined and the defences that may be available
  • Nature of injuries, including psychiatric harm, property damage, financial/economic loss, with examples
  • Policy covers – EL, PL, Products Liability, Financial Loss, Professional Indemnity and Errors and Omissions
  • Damages – principles of assessment – and legal costs funding
  • Pre-action protocols, including rehabilitation
  • The Courts and the litigation process including mediation
  • Case studies

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how legal liability arises from domestic, commercial, manufacturing and professional activities and what may or may not give rise to valid claims for damages
  • Identify what defences may be available
  • Apply the terms and conditions of policy covers to claims arising and identify what may (and to what extent) and may not be covered by policies in place
  • Assess, validate or challenge the basis for damages for injuries, property damage and financial/economic loss
  • Apply the principles of pre-action protocols and identify the information needed to investigate and assess legal liability
  • Explain the structure of the Courts and outline of court procedure
  • Explain the methods of funding legal actions

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