Searchlight Solutions

Increasingly organisations of all sizes within the insurance sector are outsourcing some or all of their training related functions, including administration and coordination, training needs analysis, and delivery.

Searchlight’s unique market position and unparalleled sector knowledge means that if you outsource to us, we can operate seamlessly within your organisation. Searchlight is not only able to deliver cost-effective training but has agreements with other well known specialist training providers to deliver specialist training at discounted rates.

Businesses that outsource their training activities will be better able to:

•  Reduce their fixed and variable costs
•  Reallocate existing resources to core business activities
•  Enjoy blue-chip training and coaching at discounted market rates
•  Eliminate impact from holidays and illness.

So why not let Searchlight ensure your staff are competent to satisfy the regulatory requirements while embedding talent management within the fabric of your business?

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