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Insurance Broking Practice


This one-day participative insurance broking practice training workshop provides an excellent introduction to the principles and practices involved in insurance broking. It is suitable for staff working at technician / front line insurance level with more than two years’ experience in insurance.

Our insurance broking practice training workshop provides a good grounding in the theory and practice of insurance broking and an introduction to many of the subjects covered by the P81 examination.

Course Content

  • How the law applies to brokers
    • To the insured, the underwriter, to other brokers
    • The main elements of terms of business agreements
  • The regulation of brokers for different types of client and business
  • The Financial Services Compensation scheme and how it applies to different types of client and business
  • Complaints procedures and the Financial Ombudsman Service
  • Errors and omissions
    • How they can arise
    • How to deal with them
    • How to avoid them
  • Insurance programme design
    • Excess layers and umbrella policies
    • Global programmes
  • Selecting insurers
    • Panels
    • Specific risks
    • Fair analysis
  • Placing risks
    • Assessing clients demands and needs
    • Submissions to insurers
    • Presenting terms to clients
    • Contract certainty
  • Claims
    • The brokers duties
  • Risk management and consultancy services
    • Benefits to clients
    • Captive Insurance Companies

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the legal duties of insurances brokers, differentiating between retail/wholesale producing/placing brokers
  • Describe the role of the Financial Services Authority the main elements of ICOBS distinguishing between the different rules for consumers, commercial customers and contracts of large risks
  • Explain the purpose of the Financial Services Compensation scheme
  • Identify how complaints and errors and omissions can arise and how to deal with them
  • Identify the main components of insurance programme design
  • Explain the major considerations in selecting an insurer panel and an insurer for a specific risk
  • Explain how to deliver contract certainty to clients
  • Describe the role of the insurance broker in claims handling
  • Outline the risk management and other consultancy services brokers can offer

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