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Handling Awkward or Angry Customers


Most customers don’t set out to be awkward or angry – they become so due to other factors. But, once they do careful handling is required. Our customer complaints handling training workshop helps makes sure that happens.

Customers may have a serious grievance or they may be using a minor problem with your service as an outlet for venting unrelated personal frustrations. Either way, it really helps if your staff have had customer complaints handling training that enables them to defuse a situation and turn negatives into positives.

Our one-day customer complaints handling training workshop teaches powerful techniques that get complaints resolved quickly and frictionlessly, generating customer loyalty and reducing workplace stress on your customer-facing employees.

Our customer complaints handling training sessions involves role-plays and an end-of-workshop Action Planning session.

Course Content

  • Defining a complaint
  • What makes people awkward or angry
  • The effect awkward and angry customers have on you
  • The behaviour cycle and how their behaviour affects your behaviour
  • Defusing heated situations
  • Keeping in control
  • Communication skills to use with awkward or angry customers
  • Seeking agreement
  • Handling objections
  • Action plan

Learning Objectives

  • Detail what a complaint is and why people complain
  • Deal with misunderstandings, scepticism and drawbacks
  • Review behavioural styles and understand how conflict may arise
  • Learn how their own attitude effects customers’ responses
  • Develop effective communication techniques
  • Deal effectively with awkward customers
  • Handle objections and take ownership

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