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Creating a Competency Framework

How can you be sure your people are really competent to do their roles?

Every business needs its people to be competent in their roles if it is to prosper in the longer term. Additionally, for regulated firms, the FCA ‘Competent Employee’ rule requires that firms “must employ personnel with the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary for the discharge of the responsibilities allocated to them.”

Question: So how can you ensure that your firm achieves this reliably for all of its people and roles?
Answer: By establishing a Competency Framework and regularly checking your people against the relevant competencies.

Before a Competency Framework can be established you need to determine which competence based system will best meet your needs. To do this you need to be clear on what you want to use it for and how it will be used.

Do you want to use it to define:

  • Occupational competences including regulatory requirements and standards?
  • Personal competence?
  • General competence?
  • Or a combination of these?

Will it be used:

  • For ‘signing-off’ individuals as competent?
  • For performance appraisal to identify top performers for promotion or bonus?
  • As a reference for training needs analyses, selection and recruitment or accreditation of prior learning?

Various generic Competency Frameworks exist that you can use such as ‘The Insurance Competency Framework’ produced by the CII. However, these will need to be tailored to suit the way you will use them and for the specific activities of your firm and the tasks that make up individual roles.

Searchlight can:

  • Help you to gain a better understanding of competency frameworks through attendance at one of our workshops
  • Provide consultancy support for your Competency Framework project to help you to determine the right approach for your firm and to build the Competency Framework

Searchlight’s associates have a wealth of experience in developing and establishing competence based arrangements for the insurance sector.

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