Residential Property Owners Insurance - Intermediate - Searchlight Insurance Training

Residential Property Owners Insurance – Intermediate

This participative workshop is for those with some practical experience of handling or placing residential property owners insurance, and who are looking to add to this knowledge.

It provides a structured overview of the subject which will act as either a learning opportunity for those less experienced or a refresher for the more experienced.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6
By the end of this workshop delegates will:
• Have an unerstanding of risk and underwriting considerations of cover, conditions and exclusions of residential property owners insurance and the implications to clients
•Be aware of common lease terms, and implications for cover
•Appreciate the issues and solutions for insurable interest and requests from lenders
•Be aware of additional covers for residential landlords


Consideration of :

•Residential Property Owners
•cover, extensions, exclusions
•Rent/alternative accommodation
•Liability – employers and property owners

– Key lease terms

– Importance of what lease says

•Joint or composite insurance
•Subrogation waivers
•Additional covers such as legal expenses