Property Owners Insurance - Advanced - Searchlight Insurance Training

Property Owners Insurance – Advanced

This participative workshop is for those with practical experience of handling or placing commercial property owners insurance, and who are looking to add to this knowledge.

It provides an in-depth review of some complex areas of commercial property insurance which will act as a learning opportunity, using practical exercises and case studies, for experienced practitioners.


Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours:


  • Understand the cover provided under a property owners policy
  • Understand the insurance issues of rent for complex risks
  • Understand cover extensions, and when they are needed
  • Understand the issues and solutions of protecting the interests of lenders, mortgagors, tenants and other interested parties
  • Describe the main contingency covers available to property owners and when they are needed
  • Understand the underwriting information needed, including surveys, and how the information is used in underwriting


Consideration of :

  • Different basis of valuation available and when to use them
  • Key clauses and extensions
  • Protection of interests
  • Rent for complex risks
  • Contingency insurance and its use for property owners
  • Information assessed to understand and underwrite the risk