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Project Management

This course is aimed at managers and executives who want a broad overview of the fundamental aspects of managing a project. It will be useful for managers who get involved in managing all types of project activity and need to deliver defined outcomes in time and on budget.



Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

– Understand the benefits of managing change through a structured project

– Recognise the characteristics of a project and how projects differ from normal operational activities

– Become familiar with project terminology

– Understand the overall project lifecycle from having a controlled start to project closeout and handover

– Identify the key roles and responsibilities within a project management team structure

– Be able to recognise the key project documents that define important aspects of the project

– Apply a range of basic project management techniques that can hlep manage aspects such as risk, planning, change control and quality

Project Management Concepts
– Characteristics of a Project
– Common reasons for project failure
– The project management lifecycle

Project start up and initiation
– Project Organisation, Roples and Responsibilities
– The Business Case

Planning the Project
– Controlled Progress
– Establishing procedures for managing risks
– Understanding and engaging with stakeholders
– Establishing project controls
– Setting up procedures to manage issues and changes
– Measuring and reporting progress

Project Closeout and Handover
– Final Acceptance
– Follow-On Actions
– Benefits Realisation and the post project review