New Business Development - Field Sales Skills - Searchlight Insurance Training

New Business Development – Field Sales Skills

This workshop has been designed to enable delegates to develop the necessary skills and techniques required by all people working in sales and who are charged with business development targets.

The workshop involves theory and practical instruction. Skills practice is included to ensure that the relevant new skills that have been learnt are practiced in a safe environment.

Delegates will include field sales support staff and front line sales people.

Level: Undefined

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


Create a framework for effective new business development

Create a structure for meaningful customer contact

Demonstrate the appropriate communication skills required to build rapport and gain commitment from a customer at a sales meeting, ensuring a successful outcome

Obtain enquiries and brand new appointments as a result of the workshop

Agree performance indicators to measure ongoing success


Making quality contacts – getting organised, company/product positioning, questioning/listening, selling the benefits, handling objections, voicemail strategy, positive approach, closing techniques

Meeting skills – preparation, objective/agenda setting, first impressions, building rapport, body language, assertiveness

Effective communication skills – questioning skills, funnel technique, positive/partnership language, using voice to influence

Gaining customer commitment, including handling difficult customers, delaying tactics, overcoming objections, giving bad news, saying “no” positively

Skills practice, including coaching

Action plan