Mentoring Skills - Half Day - Searchlight Insurance Training

Mentoring Skills – Half Day

This workshop is designed for managers, team leaders, coaches and learning specialists. It provides an introduction into the skills and knowledge of a mentor .

It is particularly useful for anyone who is responsible for mentoring, coaching and developing of colleagues whether in a peer to peer relationship or in a more formal development role,

Level: n/a

Duration: 0.5 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 3

By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Define the role of mentor
  • List the key qualities of a mentor
  • Describe how mentoring differs from coaching and training
  • Explain the mentoring process
  • Outline the roles and responsibilities of mentor and protégé
  • Describe how to establish a working relationship
  • Formulate a plan for meeting with the protégé
  • Responsibilities of the mentor and protégé
  • The benefits of mentoring
  • Qualities of a mentor
  • The differences between mentoring, coaching and training
  • Relationship between the mentor, protégé and the line manager
  • The mentoring process
  • The mentoring contract
  • Planning the meeting
  • Building the relationship
  • How to overcome any potential issues within a mentoring relationship
  • Group exercises