Managing Difficult People - Searchlight Insurance Training

Managing Difficult People

Working with difficult people can make life miserable, and waste precious time and energy. The workshop will develop skills in how to handle difficult people assertively – to everyone’s advantage.

Subtle changes in how people say things and the words used can have a powerful impact on how they feel and respond to others.

This workshop provides practical help and guidance in identifying and resolving people problems resulting in improved relationships in the workplace.


Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Workshop Objectives

Recognise the impact of people problems on the business

Outline the reasons for difficult behaviour

Identify your own preferred behavioural profile

Recognise how behaviour can influence and affect others

Develop a strategy for coping with difficult colleagues, peers, superiors and customers

Plan for and manage performance improvement

Workshop Content


Own behaviour

Communication skills

Triggers and payoffs

Organisation structures

Conflict management styles

Stress management

Confidence building

Bridge building

Negotiating ‘win – win’

Coaching skills

Personal action plan