Lloyd’s and The London Market - Introduction - Searchlight Insurance Training

Lloyd’s and The London Market – Introduction

This interactive workshop provides an introductory overview to the UK Insurance market with a special focus on the London and Lloyd’s market.

It examines the history of its development, the major players and services provided.

The workshop is ideally suited to those who are new to the London insurance market, or who need to gain an overview of its operation and understand how business is transacted.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6
  • Outline the structure and function of the UK insurance market including how the market is regulated
  • List the major players and overview their key functions
  • Review the historical development of the market
  • Explain how business is placed within the market
  • Overview, how a piece of business is placed and how a claim is settled
  • The UK market and its position on the world stage
  • Regulation within the market and the security that underpins a Lloyd’s policy
  • The structure and function of the London insurance market
  • An historical overview of the market and development of insurance business
  • The major players and their roles within the market (buyers, sellers and intermediaries)
  • An overview of the Lloyd’s market
  • Spreading the risk – coinsurance and reinsurance
  • The placement of business and claims and the key individuals involved in the process