Liability Insurance - Intermediate - Searchlight Insurance Training

Liability Insurance – Intermediate

This participative workshop is suitable for the more experienced delegate who is looking to supplement or develop their basic knowledge of liability insurance.

The workshop would be suitable for those having responsibilities for handling liability insurance business and who need a good grasp of the various aspects of liability insurance.


Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


Assess liability exposures and make recommendations for relevant liability insurance coverage for different types of cover

Explain the cover provided by employers’ liability, public liability and products liability insurance policies and how these can be amended to meet customer needs

Apply the terms and conditions of a combined liability insurance policy to various claims

Outline the cover available under the more specialist liability insurance policies

Explain the main considerations to the underwriting of general liability risks

Explain current trends in the UK liability insurance market

Explain the liability insurance claims handling process and the importance of the Woolf law reforms


How liability arises – the main torts and acceptable defences, the main statutes affecting general liability insurance

Liability insurance policy cover – standard EL, PL, products covers, exclusions and extensions, plus some of the alternatives in use in the market

A brief overview of some of the specialist liability insurance covers (financial loss, professional indemnity, D&O, environmental impairment, product guarantee/recall)

Main underwriting and pricing features – Health & Safety at Work legislation, industrial diseases, pollution, North American risks

Risk management and its relevance to liability insurance

Claims handling processes, recent legal and social trends impacting on Liability insurance claims (Woolf reforms, RIDDOR, rehabilitation, industrial diseases)