Liability Insurance - Advanced - Searchlight Insurance Training

Liability Insurance – Advanced

This one day participative workshop is for experienced staff looking for an update/refresher on the key and current Liability issues.

It tests delegates’ knowledge of Liability insurance and risk management issues via a series of syndicate exercises and strengthens this via discussion and feedback.

The workshop would be suitable for those having responsibilities for handling any aspect of Liability Insurance business who need a good grasp of the subject.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Delegates who successfully complete this workshop will be able to demonstrate a good working knowledge of Liability Insurance, including:

Policy cover

Risk assessment

Risk management

Key legislation

Key issues facing the market

Considering socio-legal issues impacting on liability insurance

Recommending a balanced package of insurance and risk management measures

Post exercise feedback and discussion will:
Develop risk awareness
Explain the risk management process and priorities
Refresh knowledge of normal EL, PL and Products Liability Policy Covers
Consider the Technical Basics of Liability Underwriting, Recent Trends and Current Issues facing the Liability Market
Particular issues addressed will be:

The Industrial Disease Problem
Pollution legislation
Financial loss
The Woolf Reforms & their Aftermath
North American Products Exposures
Health and Safety Legislation