Kidnap, Ransom and Personal Security - Searchlight Insurance Training

Kidnap, Ransom and Personal Security

The threat of kidnap, extortion and hijack is increasing.  As companies globalise the risk widens.

Any company or individual should be aware of the risks they currently face or could face in the future. The list of high-risk countries constantly changes in conjunction with economic and political conditions. Tomorrow the risk may change.

This course is for anyone dealing with UK based companies who trade globally.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Identify who is most at risk from kidnap and extortion

Outline the underwriting considerations for Kidnap and Ransom covers

Explain the cover available

Increase awareness of the risks to personal safety

List high risk locations.

Management of health and safety risks whilst abroad

Identifying the risks associated with personal safety

Assess potentially dangerous situations

Reducing the risk

Covers available

Exceptions, exclusions and extensions

Current developments in the law

Case Studies

Exploring Specific Wordings; the delegates should bring with them a specific wording which they wish to consider in detail during the day