Household Insurance - Intermediate - Searchlight Insurance Training

Household Insurance – Intermediate

This interactive workshop takes technical household insurance training to an intermediate level, and is for those with 12-18 months’ experience of this class of business.

It an be used as a significant stage in a development programme or, for more experienced delegates, to refresh their knowledge and share in syndicate discussions and practical case studies.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


Describe the concept of risk and its application to Household insurance

Detail the methods of obtaining insurance for non-standard household risks

Compare the standard policy covers, conditions and exclusions including high net worth cover

Recognise the need for, and provision of, liability cover in household insurance

Outline the concept of the application of warranties to a household policy, particularly with regard to security

Recognise the importance of satisfactory claims settlement and explore methods by which this can be achieved

Consider practical household insurance claims issues

Describe the implications of fraud and strategies for reduction


Standard underwriting risk factors, e.g. proposer, location of buildings, contents etc.

Non-standard household insurance risks – unoccupancy, business use, holiday homes, subsidence, flooding etc.

Standard and high net worth policy cover, conditions and exclusions

Introduction to liability cover in household insurance policies

The concept of managing household risks by relevant policy conditions and warranties

The principles and procedures for handling household insurance claims

The implications of fraud and strategies for reduction