Handling Sensitive Issues - Searchlight Insurance Training

Handling Sensitive Issues

This workshop has been designed for middle managers who are faced with dealing with difficult and sensitive issues, including personal and health issues, redundancy and managing staff through a company restructuring.

The workshop is highly interactive and delegates will be required to undertake some preparatory work.

Level: Management

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

• Recognise the symptoms of personal and health problems that may arise in the workplace for employees

• Learn how to deal with sensitive issues with empathy yet effectively

• Understand the impact that change may have on people and the various stages of the process

• Learn tips on how best to break bad news

• Develop techniques for handling redundancy situations

• Introduction – review of course and personal objectives and review of delegates’ pre-identified sensitive issues

• Why are some issues difficult to deal with?

• Change curve and motivational theory

• Behaviours resulting from personal values and beliefs

• Planning the approach – setting clear goals, structuring your conversation and considering the other person’s agenda

• Active listening

• Probing questions

• Handling emotions

• Remaining assertive

• Gaining commitment

• Skills practice

• Action planning