Cyber Risks Insurance - Advanced - Searchlight Insurance Training

Cyber Risks Insurance – Advanced

Information technology is rapidly changing and so is the insurance available to cover the cyber risks which arise.

This highly participative workshop looks at the cover provided by various types of cyber risk policies, and especially how to identify the right cover for your client.

A fair knowledge of cyber risk insurance is required, a good level of general property and liability knowledge is recommended.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6
  • Understand the various cyber risks faced by organisations
  • Understand the extent of cover provided by different types of cyber risk policies
  • Understand the BI section of a cyber risk policy including loss measurement
  • Know what a fair presentation of a cyber risk needs to include and why
  • Understand the issues of dealing with cyber claims

Discussion on :

  • What are cyber risks, including emerging cyber risks and physical damage
  • Legal and legislative developments affecting cyber risk
  • The cover provided by a ‘standard’ modular cyber risks policy i.e. more than data breach only
    • how cover differs between policies/insurers
    • how to identify which policy is right for your client
  • The issues of the BI cyber cover, including setting the sum insured and measuring a loss
  • The fair presentation of a cyber risk
  • The issues of dealing with cyber claims