Contingency Insurance - Searchlight Insurance Training

Contingency Insurance

This course is designed to give delegates a practical understanding of some of the major classes of Contingency Insurance.

It will be suitable for brokers, technicians, underwriters and other staff requiring an introduction to the subject.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


• Understand the main categories of contingency risk

• Understand and be able to deploy various relevant policies to insure the risks

• Appreciate underwriting considerations

• Be familiar with some of the significant policy forms


The business, the risks, the insurance cover, underwriting considerations, policies and claims
relating to:

Event Cancellation
• Sports
• Entertainment
• Venues
• Infrastructure and Transport
• Timetable
• Experience and safety
• Non-appearance of stars performers/actors/players
• Boycotts, terrorism, war

Television Broadcasting

Weather Risks

Catastrophe Exposures

Other Sport Related Exposures, e.g. hole-in-one

• Film Producers’ Indemnity
• Completion Guarantee

Other Risks Including:
• Extended warranty
• Residual value
• Multiple births
• Prize indemnity
• Loss of license
• Archaeological digs

The Ones That Went Wrong
• Computer Leasing
• Film Finance