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Business Continuity Planning

Despite the best efforts of an organisation to mitigate or avoid risk altogether, there are certain events that are simply beyond its control. Many such events can threaten the very existence of the organisation and senior managers, board members and indeed all managers and staff members have to plan in advance should this type of event occur. Business Continuity Planning is part of the organisation’s overall approach to risk management and however remote the possibility of a major incident occurring is, it should still be planned for; Business Continuity Management is not an optional activity.
Who should attend?
It may be surprising but all at work have a responsibility to plan and ensure that their business continues to operate as effectively as possible following unforeseen accidents or emergencies. This workshop is designed for all who may have some input into the formulation of the Business Continuity Plan from dedicated Risk Managers to Senior Management to Team Leaders or similar within their organisation.


Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Upon completion of this workshop, the delegate will be able to:

Explain the objectives of Business Continuity Management

Identify the underlying reasons and drivers behind a Business Continuity Plan

Understand the Six Step Process Cycle of BS25991

Detail and classify critical risks typically faced using business impact analysis

Develop a strategy for response to critical incidents

Devise a Business Continuity Policy for their organisation

Compile the key components of the Business Continuity Plan for their business: Risk Register, Disaster Recovery Plan, Succession Plan

This workshop will take the delegate through the various stages in the formulation of a Business Continuity Plan:

The objectives of the Business Continuity Plan

Identification and Analysis of Risk

The Risk Register

Disaster Recovery Plan: Key Elements

Succession Plans: Key Elements


Public Relations & Crisis Management/ Coordination with Public Authorities

The Business Continuity Policy

The workshop will refer to some critical incidents that have occurred to demonstrate the impact of such events and the means by which firms can counter the negative impact to return to a “business as usual state” at the earliest opportunity