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Claims – How to Handle Personal Injury Claims


This participative personal injury claims handling workshop is aimed at individuals new to personal injury claims handling and claims settlement – although it would also suit anyone who simply needs to understand how the process works.

Our personal injury claims handling workshop includes plenty of group discussion, relevant case studies, and exercises.

Course Content

  • Liability
    • Quick negligence refresher
    • Understanding why and when to settle quickly and when to defend
    • How to use specific litigation risk assessments to aid decisions
  • Fraud
    • The law in relation to insurance fraud
    • Use of social media
    • Surveillance
  • Quantum
    • Heads of claim
    • Reserving
    • Investigating quantum
    • Understanding medical reports and terminology
    • Quantum quiz
  • Negotiation
    • Contribution
    • The art of settlement
  • Litigation.

Learning Objectives

  • Handle a simple personal injury claim from cradle to grave
  • Make better decisions on when to defend or settle personal injury claims
  • Use a combined legal and economic assessment of risk document
  • Investigate potentially fraudulent injury claims
  • Assess offers accurately
  • Negotiate with claimants and their legal advisors (and understand the difference between the two)
  • Use Part 36 offers to your advantage
  • Understand the importance of accurate reserving for underwriting purposes
  • Understand the litigation process
  • Understand how all of the above are affected by Ministry of Justice changes.

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