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An Introduction to NLP


This highly participative NLP training for business workshop is a practical introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming,  the study of how changes in thinking, language and behaviour can lead to better practical outcomes.

It’s suitable for anyone responsible for people management and shows how NLP offers a means of modelling excellence to consistently achieve results.

Our NLP training for business workshop aims to heighten delegates’ self-awareness and understanding of others, to help them let go of restrictive old habits and patterns, to develop new ways of thinking and communicating, and to help them succeed as managers.

Course Content

  • A brief look at the history of NLP
  • Building rapport to achieve a desired outcome
  • Communication models – how people delete, distort, generalise
  • Problem solving with chunking
  • Turning problems into goals
  • Thinking with the body, using the eyes as a guide
  • Using body language to influence state of mind
  • Modelling success
  • Breaking old habits
  • Strategies – what and how to use
  • Reframing/changing mindsets
  • Developing tools and techniques for future success.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the principles of NLP
  • Outline various communication models
  • Introduce thinking patterns
  • Describe how to turn problems into goals
  • Demonstrate the use of body language
  • Develop tools and techniques to underpin future success.

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