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Searchlight is the UK’s leading provider of training services to the insurance and financial services industry.  Whether you are looking for technical, regulatory compliance, leadership, sales & marketing, professional or even IT skills, delivered by face-to-face training, e-learning or consultancy, we can offer you a market leading solution at a highly competitive price.

We have more than 50 experienced specialist trainers and consultants who have a detailed understanding of the real issues faced by brokers, insurers and IFAs in today’s market place.

Searchlight is widely recognised as the UK’s leading provider of both insurance technical and insurance management training. We were the first company to be accredited with a certificate of excellence for training providers by the Financial Services Skills Council and we are a recognised training provider for The Institute of Leadership and Management.

In 2014 we were delighted to be recognised for our superior customer service, winning the Best Business Award for our professional services.

quote"The trainer was very passionate and knowledgeable on this subject and this came through, Lots of good examples and stories told to embed learning".quote

Open course Introduction to Insurance – 2nd September 2019

quote I found the workshop really useful. The content has enhanced my knowledge of commercial combined polices.quote

Open course Commercial Combined Insurance – August 2019

quote Excellent way of presenting the training. Very engaging and will definitely be taking my new knowledge into every day work.quote

Inhouse Liability Insurance – Intermediate – July 2019

quoteA great session and definitely managed to learn something new and put puzzle pieces togetherquote

open market Handling Client Money Workshop – June 2019

quoteVery good. Made the subject of insurance seem very interesting.quote

Open course Introduction to Business InterruptionWorkshop - February 2019

quoteGreat presentation and was very interactive which was really good to enforce the learning.quote

Open market Introduction to Insurance Workshop - February 2019

quoteVery friendly, easy to chat with and very informative. Had some good stories too.quote

In-house Business Writing Workshop - December 2018

quoteBrilliant, informative course by a knowledgeable trainer.quote

Open market Introduction to Motor Insurance Claims Workshop - November 2018

quote The week was amazing and gave me a detailed insight into the world of insurance and how it all works. Thanks again was a pleasure to be there. quote

Open market Insurance Basics 3-day programme - October 2018

quoteI thought the trainer was brilliant. He was very informative, included all the areas we wanted covered and kept my attention throughout. Thank you.quote

Inhouse Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Workshop – May 2018

quoteThe trainer is very knowledgeable and very good at explaining things. This training was actually a worthwhile workshop and the trainer made sure we all understood and engaged with what he was explaining.quote

Inhouse Advanced Commercial Property Workshop – April 2018

quoteTrainer is very knowledgeable and has a great way of explaining insurancequote

Inhouse Introduction to Shop Insurance Workshop - March 2018

quoteAn excellent workshop, delivered in an expert and engaging way.quote

Inhouse 2 Day Cyber Risks Programme - February 2018

quoteA superb trainer with a lot of knowledge and experience. He’s always approachable and helpful.quote

Inhouse FIT Revision Workshop – December 2017

quoteGreat session, very informative. Gave a great insight into Compliance and the importance of ensuring good business practice.quote

Inhouse Introduction to Compliance Workshop – December 2017

quoteReally useful with some very good, easy to undersand real-life examples used.quote

Open market 3 Day Insurance Basics Programme – November 2017

quoteGood presenter, open to questions with a deep understanding of the topic.quote

Inhouse Complaints Handling Workshop – September 2017

quoteTrainer was excellent, very upbeat and interactive. We were made to feel very comfortable and it was easy to learn.quote

Inhouse Sales Workshop – August 2017 2017

quoteI think no matter what area of insurance you are in, you should go on this course, as knowing more about the policies/risks/covers will help with your everyday job, whether it is claims/broking/underwriting.quote

Commercial Combined Workshop - June 2017

quoteOn behalf of all the attendees from the course yesterday, we just wanted to say how useful we found the training. You made it entertaining and fun, which is saying something for a dry subject like CASS.quote

Inhouse Handling Client Money workshop - April 2017

quoteSeveral people said this was the best Insurance Act update they had attended - with good case study examples and not too much ‘legal jargon’. quote

In-house Insurance Act Workshop - March 2017

quoteExcellent ..... very thought provoking!quote

Inhouse Cyber "SearchBite" - February 2017

quoteTrainer was excellent - very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Very enjoyable seminar and worthwhile.quote

Inhouse Customer Care Workshop - January 2017

quoteExcellent course, well presented. Very knowledgeable trainer in insurance and not simply on the subject - made the subject very interesting.quote

Inhouse Commercial Property Insurance Workshop - January 2017

quoteThanks again for yesterday. There have been lots of rave reviews about the session so thank you for making it so ‘insightful’. quote

Inhouse Insights Session - November 2016

quotePresentation was given in a very relaxed, informative and easy to understand way. quote

Inhouse Contract Works Insurance Workshop - November 2016

quoteI can’t thank you enough for the two days, everyone commented how nice you were and how you made the sessions so interesting and enjoyable. Hopefully we’ll be able to engage you again at some point in the future.quote

Inhouse Customer Care Workshop - November 2016

quoteThe training went amazingly well. The group loved your trainer and the feedback has been the best we have had yet.quote

Inhouse Successful Sales Workshop - October 2016

quoteWithout question this trainer is one of the best trainers; he keeps people totally engaged throughout the day and gets them to interact without any pressure. Definitely no death by Power Point on his courses.quote

Inhouse Introduction to Management - October 2016

quoteExcellent! Thoroughly enjoyed and understood.quote

Inhouse Insurance Act Workshop - October 2016

quoteReally informative and well presented course. Trainer was very knowledgeable, patient and experienced. Aimed at the right level.quote

Inhouse Intermediate Motor Fleet Insurance - September 2016

quoteVery good, with real life examples from insurance to substantiate points and enhance learning.quote

Inhouse Property Owners Insurance - August 2016

quoteExcellent knowledge and willing/able to answer questions and go into more detail.quote

Inhouse Advanced Commercial Property Insurance - June 2016

quoteExactly as required to give a high level overview of the insurance market and our company. Well presented and a good mix of stories and humour.quote

In-house Introduction to Insurance Workshop - May 2016

quoteA subject that most would find dry and hard to handle but the trainer made it easy to follow and for once I don't think a session was long enough!quote

The Insurance Act - April 2016

quoteVery impressed with trainer's knowledge and found her pointers very usefulquote

In-house Commercial Combined workshop - April 2016

quoteI just wanted to say that it was a pleasure having your trainer around for the last three days and I have received some very good feedback following the course he has just run. He is professional, extremely knowledgeable and completely self sufficientquote

In-house 3 day Insurance Basics Programme - March 2016

quoteDelightful! Funny, clear and concise quote

In-house Personal Assertiveness and Effectiveness Workshop - March 2016

quoteThe trainer's presentation contained the perfect balance of knowledge and personal experience to make it a uniquely informative experiencequote

In-house tailored Legal Expenses Workshop - February 2016

quoteGreat trainer, brilliant training coursequote

In-house Telesales Skills Workshop - February 2016

quoteThe trainer provided a very comprehensive detailed (and funny!) explanation of insurance. I learnt a lot - he made everything relevant to our individual roles (ie marketing, claims, etc.)quote

Introduction to Insurance - February 2016

quoteTrainer's knowledge was great and she really holds your attention (no mean feat when talking about insurance)quote

The Insurance Act - January 2016

quoteExcellent overview .... specifically addressed overlap of coverage amongst casualty and aviation policies currently availablequote

Emerging Risks: Drones Insurance - January 2016

quoteVery interesting, good participation by all, good discussion and very informativequote

In-house Farm Insurance - January 2016

quoteTrainer was captivating, very knowledgeable and made the financial sector interesting..... I would love to attend another one of his sessionsquote

In-house Finance for non Financial Managers - January 2016

quoteThis session exceeded my expectations - very enjoyable, straightforward delivery, questions encouraged.quote

In-house board-level regulatory training, large financial services company - October 2015

quoteThank you - you really brought the content to life and explained it so well; I even overcame my calculation fear!quote

Delegate, Revision workshop on CII Award in London Market Insurance LM2 (in-house) - September 2015

quoteThe trainer was knowledgeable, informative and a great presenterquote

Delegate, Underwriting and Risk Assessment (Advanced) - August 2015

quoteI thought the content was very relevant and the trainer was excellent in his delivery. He was very comical, but also professional - probably one of the best I've come acrossquote

Delegate, Understanding your Clients' Financials - July 2015

quoteA charismatic, knowledgeable and engaging trainer. A fantastic workshop with relevance to my job rolequote

New Business Broker, Sales training (in-house), large national insurance brokers - July 2015

quoteThe written materials were excellent and so is the trainer. Makes it interesting and engages the audience.quote

Delegate, Financial Crime training (in-house), large national insurance firm - June 2015

quoteFeedback I received was fantastic .. you have been the best trainer we have had in our office. All the staff seem to have more enthusiasm when speaking about home insurance and they have all said that they would like to receive future training with you.quote

In-house training (various), Channel Islands insurance broker - June 2015

quoteFANTASTIC - thank you for providing us with lots to think about.quote

Sales Skills in-house training, Large regional insurance broker - June 2015

quoteVery good - delivery and knowledge excellent with a mixture of humour.quote

PI - Advanced Delegate, Regional insurance broker

quoteBy far the best sales trainer I have worked with.quote

Delegate, Regional insurance broker

quoteI just wanted to email to let you know how thoroughly enjoyable and productive training was today. All the lads absolutely loved it and every single person was engaged. It's one of the best training sessions I have been in and thats mainly down to your excellent execution of the training. Look forward to inviting you back in in the very near future .quote

New Business Development Manager - regional insurance broker

quoteTotally engaging - brought energy and passion into insurance - impressive. I loved listening and learning.quote

Delegate - regional insurance broker

quoteAs always it’s a pleasure working with you, you always go the extra mile and make things super easy. Thank you for looking after us so well.quote

Training Manager - regional insurance broker

quoteOur delegate said he normally attends courses and comes away feeling confused thinking he needs to attend another one! He said that didn’t happen today and it was a brilliant course at a great venue. quote

Finance for non financial managers workshop - Training Manager - large insurer

quoteI get on very well with all at Searchlight and appreciate the way they manage the Broker Academy Programme. They have become one of our Key training providers in the last 2 years. The trainers are first class and Sally and her team provide an unbeatable service and are a pleasure to work with. We especially value the flexibility that Searchlight offers in assisting us with tailoring in house courses to enable us to meet our business needs. quote

Training Manager - large regional broker

quoteBI is now much less of a mystery - thank you!quote

Business Interruption Insurance (Advanced) workshop - large regional broker

quoteThe friendly, efficient team at Searchlight are always willing to listen to our specific training needs.quote

Training Manager - large national broker

quoteOne of the most relevant and useful courses I have attendedquote

Cyber Risks Insurance workshop - Lloyd's broker

quoteProbably the best PI training course I have attended - and the best trainerquote

Account manager with 25 years experience in insurance

quoteThe trainer was fabulous as usual, and very positive feedback was received from the delegatesquote

President, Local Insurance Institute

quoteAn excellent trainer – his style of delivery is superb and was very well received by learners from all areas of our businessquote

Training Manager, Leicester insurance broker

quoteWhat a fantastic course, very informative and the trainer's style of delivering of what is a pretty dull subject was, as ever, brilliant – we did learn things!quote

Oxford insurance broker

quoteExcellent. Very good everyday scenarios, which relates the cover back into simple termsquote

Essex insurance broker

quoteI can honestly say that this BI course was one of the best insurance courses I have been on. The trainer made a complex subject easy to understand, interesting and relevant to my position, which made it very enjoyable and worthwhile.quote

National insurance broker

quoteVery interesting. The trainer involved everyone and was aware of their individual needsquote

Associate Director of Insurance Company, with over 40 years experience in insurance

quoteThe trainer is a lively and enthusiastic presenter with good knowledge of the product. He made the session interesting and funquote

Large multinational insurance broker

quoteI found the trainer's enthusiasm of the subject matter made the workshopquote

Financial Accountant from large insurance company

quoteThe workshop was really well planned out and interactive to involve all delegatesquote

London insurance broker

quoteThe course was very enjoyable and I am looking forward to Day 2! I have recommended it for others in the companyquote

Buckinghamshire insurance broker

quoteI found the workshop very useful and will use the knowledge at work dailyquote

Newcastle insurance broker

quoteBroker Academy in conjunction with Searchlight continue to deliver the best in "off-the-peg" and bespoke training solutions for our business and remain our preferred supplierquote

Training Manager, Bristol insurance broker

quoteVery useful and practical session to reinforce my theoretical knowledge to take back to the workplacequote

Norwich insurance broker

quoteTrainer was great at making everyone feel comfortable. Doing role plays can sometimes be daunting but he made everyone feel at ease and able to do soquote

Birmingham insurance broker

quoteExcellent presentation all round. Informative and thought provokingquote

Leicester insurance broker

quoteTrainer was exceptional, extremely helpful and brought a fresh look to a classroom workshopquote

Channel Islands insurance broker

quoteI attended 2 day Essentials of Management and the trainer was great, his enthusiasm is infectious and I came away with a lot of information to pass down to our managersquote

Norwich insurance broker

quoteIt was very interesting. He was a brilliant trainer and made the course enjoyable. Most training sessions are fairly boring but this was actually fun!quote

Large international insurance broker