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Working from Home – Do’s and Don’ts

Level:N/A Duration:6 Hours CII CPD Hours:6



This workshop is designed to meet the needs of those staff members responsible for the health and safety and well-being of staff who work at home. It is also suitable for those who manage a remote team to ensure that a suitable level of oversight is maintained whilst promoting employee engagement.

  • Who Should Attend?

    Team leaders and operational managers with responsibility for home workers

  • Course Objectives

    Delegates upon completion will:

    • Summarise the key legal requirements to be satisfied when managing home workers
    • Know how to promote employee engagement from afar
    • Respond to the reasonable requests for additional or modified working equipment tom address physical needs of individual employees
    • Know how to identify and combat isolation of staff members
    • Identify the benefits of home working
    • Be able to exercise a proportionate degree of oversight and control of home workers
  • Course Content

    The workshop will focus upon the following key areas:

    • The legal environment when the employee’s home is also their place of work
    • What obligations the employer has when employing home workers
    • Optimising the working environment for home workers
    • Identifying the problems caused by employee isolation
    • How managers and team leaders can encourage employee engagement
    • The use of technology – pro’s and con’s

    This course is highly participative and will encourage delegate participation at all stages through various group and individual exercises.

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