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The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)

Level:Introduction Duration:90 minutes CII CPD Hours:90 minutes

Since October 2018 anyone selling insurance needs has been required to be fully compliant with the rules set out within the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).

Our IDD 90-minute online tutorial is designed to instil a good practical understanding of the new rules and qualifies for 90 minutes CII CPD (*where meeting an individual’s learning objective).

Click on the Book Now option on the right to purchase a single user licence valid for one year – or call us to find out about the significant discounts available for multiple-user licences.

We also offer an IDD Knowledge and Competence Programme, which addresses FCA rule SYSC 28.2.3 R (1) relating to professional knowledge and competence (K&C) requirements and allows the learner to achieve their full 15-hour annual CPD requirement.

  • After taking this online tutorial, learners will be able to:
    • Describe what the IDD is and the scope of its application
    • Explain the key elements of the Directive
    • Demonstrate that you understand the changes to existing FCA Regulations, especially ICOBS
    • Explain the new category of Ancillary Insurance Intermediaries and differentiate between the method of regulation for each of these.

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