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The Insurance Act 2015

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The Insurance Act 2015 is the biggest change in insurance law for over one hundred years and fundamentally alters the law on material facts and warranties. Staff at all levels need to understand the new legistlation and how it applies in practice.

This online tutorial is designed to provide an appreciation of what the insurance act involves.

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  • Topics covered by this online tutorial include:
    • Outline of the Insurance Act 2015 and the duty of disclosure
    • Why the Insurance Act 2015 was necessary and outlines the key areas of reform:
      • What is the Insurance Act 2015?
      • The duty of disclosure
      • Fair presentation of a risk
    • Remedies for breaches of duties
    • The extent of knowledge as defined by the Insurance Act and outlines the remedies for breach of the duty of fair presentation:
      • What constitutes ‘knowledge’?
      • Amending the remedies for breach of the duty of disclosure
      •  Insurers’ remedies for breach of duty of fair presentation
    • Impact of the Insurance Act 2015 on warranties and fraudulent claims
    • The changes in law relating to insurance warranties and fraudulent claims
    • The circumstances under which the parties may contract out of the new default regime for commercial insurances:
      • Warranties and the Insurance Act 2015
      • Amendments to warranty provisions
      • Fraudulent claims
      • A default regime.
  • Those who complete our online tutorial will be able to:
    • Describe the new duty of ‘fair presentation’ required by the Act
    • Explain an insurer’s remedies for breach of the duty of ‘fair presentation’
    • Outline the new provisions relating to warranties
    • Explain how the Act affects fraudulent claims
    • State when parties may ‘opt out’ of the provisions of the Act.

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