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Managing Teams Remotely

Level:Introductory Duration:2 x 3 Hour Virtual Modules - 12/01/2021 & 19/01/2021 CII CPD Hours:6


Aimed at all managers looking for practical tools and techniques to engage and motivate their teams to be productive whilst working from home.

This is a virtual live interactive course where we ask all participants to turn on their cameras and audio so that full interaction and discussions can take place. We aim to recreate, as far as we can, the face to face course through the use of virtual break out rooms and interactive exercises.

  • Workshop Objectives

    This course is for managers with more experience in managing a team and looking for new concepts and insights of managing teams remotely.  This course does not include management in detail. We would recommend you look at Management Essentials, our two day virtual course, for a more detailed approach to management. 

    By the end of this course managers will:

    • Discuss and be clear of the challenges involved in managing teams remotely
    • Learn how to get to know each team member and get the best from them
    • Know how to build trust and empower the team
    • Have a structured approach to engaging the team
    • Have practical tools and techniques to use with the team
  • Module 1: 3 hours with breaks
    • The 3 essential roles of the remote manager and team leader
    • Mindsets of a remote manager
    • Managing with an emotional intelligence
    • Your Management Insurance Policy – prioritising well-being conversations
    • EMERGE – a structured model to use in your well-being and performance meetings
    • Practice using EMERGE
  • Module 2: 3 hours with breaks
    • Productivity and Trust
    • Setting clear goals and expectations
    • Psychology of performance
    • Levels of energy – how levels of energy affect different people at different times
    • Review of EMERGE and practice for on-going conversations
    • Review and Action Plan

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