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ILM – 6 Day Endorsed Programme in Management and Leadership

Level:Management Duration:6 Days CII CPD Hours:36

The ILM Endorsed Programme in Management and Leadership is aimed at those new to management or experienced managers looking to develop and build on specific skills.

This six-day management and leadership training programme delivered at roughly monthly intervals over a six/eight month period enables delegates to understand their role as a manager with clarity and in depth, and to master, the skills, techniques and abilities required to build successful teams that communicate well, achieve targets, and work collaboratively.

This is a fully participative management and leadership training programme which encourages group discussions, sharing of experience and linking management theory to realistic work based situations through the use of practical exercises and activities.


  • After attending this programme, delegates will be able to:
    • Apply an in-depth understanding of, and insight into, management and leadership roles, and the duties, responsibilities and expectations that come with them
    • Build successful teams by understanding the stages of team development, individual preferences to tasks and activities
    • Coach, mentor and communicate with others to avoid conflict, develop others and improve performance
    • Explain the key stages and skills of successful delegation and target setting
    • Motivate staff by adapting management/leadership style and approach to individuals
    • Manage themselves through time management, delegation and prioritising
    • Present information to an audience with confidence
    • Take away a Certificate of Achievement from an Internationally recognised awarding body.
  • Day 1 content includes:
    • Personal objectives for this endorsed programme
    • Fixed and growth mindsets – what is holding you back? What will take you forward?
    • The emotionally intelligent leader
    • Personal branding vs. personal effectiveness
    • Who you are is how you lead – understanding your own personality and the impact this has on others
    • The role and skills of the Insurance Leader
    • John Adair’s 3 levels of leadership – balancing the role of leader
    • Management and leadership styles and qualities
      he importance of structured 1-2-1s and team meetings
    • Action plan on setting up regular and structured 1-2-1s.
  • Day 2 content includes:

    Introduction to management coaching skills

    • Review of Day 1, learning journey so far
    • Review of leadership and management style
    • Coaching and Mentoring in an insurance leadership context
    • What coaching is and is not
    • When and how to use coaching in everyday situations
    • Developing coaching conversations
    • Core coaching and leadership communication skills
    • Structuring your coaching conversations
    • Coaching practice
    • ILM support
    • Action Plan.
  • Day 3 content includes:

    Managing performance and motivation

    • Review of Day 2 – learning journey so far
    • Performance – what it is and is not
    • Establishing clear expectations with your team using SMART objectives
    • Motivation theory, models and practical application
    • Feedback essentials – understanding reactions to feedback and techniques for delivering non-judgemental and constructive feedback
    • Delegation – blocks and barriers to success
    • Delegation Framework
    • Skills practice
    • ILM Support
    • Action Plan.
  • Day 4 content includes:

    Building and maintaining a high performance team

    • Review of Day 3 – learning journey so far
    • Your team strengths and challenges
    • Barriers to effective teams
    • Understanding team dynamics (Tuckman)
    • Lencioni’s 5 dysfunctions of ineffective teams
    • Building trust to improve a high performing team
    • Identifying preferences to work roles, the benefits, the gaps and the solutions (Belbin)
    • Team meeting essentials
    • Team building exercise
    • ILM support
    • Action Plan.
  • Day 5 content includes:

    Managing conflict and difficult behaviour

    • Review of Day 4 – learning journey so far
    • Identifying management conflict and challenges at work
    • Communication barriers and strategies to improve
    • Understanding conflict and reasons for escalation
    • How you manage conflict – your preferred style and approach
    • Games people play when communicating
    • Assertiveness behaviour
    • Influencing skills
    • Building rapport and relationships
    • Practical exercises to test out techniques
    • ILM assignment support
    • Action plan.
  • Day 6 content includes:

    Consolidating and reviewing learning journey

    • Review of the previous 5 learning modules, models, theories and techniques
    • Case study and management problem solving exercise
    • Presentation skills
    • Understanding physical effects on the body when presenting to others
    • Voice projection and breathing exercises
    • Presentations on ‘Your Learning Journey’
    • Personal Development Action Plan
    • Appreciative feedback
    • Programme evaluation and closure.

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