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Construction (Contract Works) Insurance

Level:Introduction Duration:5 Hours CII CPD Hours:5

This interactive workshop provides an introduction to Contract Works, Contractors All Risks and Contractors Liability Insurance. It is suitable for those who are relatively new to the subject.

Workshop Objectives

Delegates who successfully complete this workshop will be able to: –

  • Describe the risks involved in contractors insurance
  • Explain the difference between contractual obligations and insurance requirements
  • Describe how standard contracts such as the JCT clauses can affect the client’s insurance arrangements.
  • Describe the major elements of contractors insurance policies


Workshop Content


  • Risks/Property Insured
    • Contract Works
    • Contract Plant
    • Liabilities
  • Ways Cover can be Arranged
  • Contract Conditions
    • Parties Involved – Employers, Contractors, Sub-Contractors etc.
  • Contractors Liability Cover
    • Usual Cover, including Major Exclusions and Extensions
  • Contractors All Risks Cover
    • Usual Cover, including Major Exclusions and Extensions

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