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Contingency Insurance

Level:Introduction Duration:1 Day CII CPD Hours:6

This contingency insurance training workshop is designed to give delegates a practical understanding of some of the major classes of contingency insurance.

Our contingency insurance training workshop is suitable for brokers, technicians, underwriters and other staff requiring an introduction to the subject.

  • After attending this workshop, delegates will be able to:
    • Understand the main categories of contingency risk
    • Select the most relevant policies to insure particular risks
    • Appreciate underwriting considerations
    • Discuss some of the significant policy forms.
  • Workshop content includes:
    • The business risks, insurance cover, underwriting considerations, policies and claims relating to:
      • Event Cancellation
      • Sports
      • Entertainment
      • Venues, infrastructure and transport
      • Experience and safety
      • Non-appearance of stars, performers, players, etc
      • Boycotts, terrorism, war
      • Television broadcasting
      • Weather Risks
      • Catastrophe Exposures
      • Other sport related exposures eg hole-in-one
      • Films, including Film Producers’ Indemnity and Completion Guarantee
      • Other risks, including Extended Warranty, Residual value, Multiple births, Prize Indemnity Loss of Licence, Archaeological digs.

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