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Commercial Property and BI Package

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Our online Commercial Property and BI package consists of 15 online tutorials giving learners a complete grasp of the fundamentals of the main classes of Commercial Property and Business Interruption insurance.

These tutorials have been written by insurance people for insurance people and are an ideal way for staff from brokers and insurers to gain an overall understanding of the workings of all types of property insurance, including Policy Cover, Underwriting, and Claims.

The programme consists of 15 tutorials, which can be studied in any order and at the user’s own pace. Click on the + below for full details.

Click on the Book Now option on the right to purchase a single user licence valid for one year – or call us to find out about the significant discounts available for multiple-user licences.

  • Topics covered by this online tutorial include:
    • Commercial Property Insurance – Policy Cover
    • Commercial Property Insurance – Variations to Basic Policy Cover
    • Commercial Property Insurance – Underwriting
    • Risk Surveying
    • Theft and Money Insurance
    • Goods-in-Transit Insurance
    • Terrorism
    • Business Interruption Insurance – Introduction
    • Business Interruption Insurance – Policy Cover
    • Business Interruption Insurance – Underwriting Insurable Gross Profit and ICOW Cover
    • Business Interruption Insurance – Pricing Cover and Underwriting Policy Extensions
    • Commercial Property Insurance Claims – Validation and Investigation
    • Commercial Property Insurance Claims – Approach to Claims Settlement
    • Commercial Packages
    • Commercial Property Insurance – Results, Trends and Drivers.

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