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Coaching for Managers

Level:N/A Duration:2 x 3 Hour Virtual Modules CII CPD Hours:6

This virtual course is aimed at all team leaders and managers with a responsibility for ensuring a motivated, engaged and high performing team.  You will learn how to have meaningful conversations by asking the right question at the right time and learning how to empower your teams with these powerful communication techniques.

Learning Objectives:
  • Know how to use a range of communication skills to empower and lead the team
  • Learn the essential skills required to use a coaching style
  • Have practiced these essential skills to build confidence and competence
  • Learn when coaching is not the right approach
  • Know ‘on the spot’ coaching
Course Content

Module 1:  3 hours with 15 minute break

  • What coaching is and is not – dispelling the myths of coaching definitions
  • Coaching versus other management styles and approaches
  • Essential communication skills to help you coach more and instruct less
  • Practising coaching skills to build confidence and competence – part 1
    • Building virtual rapport
    • Listening with intent
    • Questions which land well
    • Ask more, instruct less
    • Situations when coaching may not work

Module 2:  3 hours with 15 minute break

  • Practising coaching skills – part 2
  • Defining goals with a coaching structure using T.GROW
  • Contracting and setting the scene
  • Situations to use coaching
  • On the spot coaching
  • Review and Action Plan


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