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Coaching Conversations (Virtual Course)

Level:N/A Duration:6 Hours CII CPD Hours:6

This virtual coaching conversations course is aimed at all team leaders and managers or anyone who is responsible for ensuring their teams are working to agreed expectations as well as ensuring their well-being is being considered. This empowering style of communication will leave you learning as much about yourself as it will about the people you manage. 

This virtual course is delivered in three two-hour sessions.

We accept no more than 8 people on this interactive virtual course to ensure that everyone can be seen during the session and that everyone has the chance to share and contribute to the content.  These modules can be delivered flexibly over different timescales. 

We are currently seeking expressions of interest before we set firm dates. As these modules are 2-hour sessions, we can be flexible over times and dates.  

If you are interested in participating in this virtual coaching training course, please call Sally Fellingham-Huggett or email her at

  • Module 1

    Understanding coaching mentoring and managing

    The theme of this first 2-hour module focuses on understanding what coaching and mentoring is, compared with other helping management and leadership styles. We explore, evaluate and discuss in detail what makes an effective coach and how to engineer successful coaching conversations when managing or communicating with others around specific tasks.

  • Module 2

    Core skills and structuring your coaching 

    For this second module we will review the learning already undertaken and we then move on to how we can structure and ‘contract’ your coaching conversations. We will introduce some coaching skills practice and hone in what makes for a successful coaching session. You will be asked to try out these skills back in the workplace before returning for the third 2-hour module. 

  • Your coaching sessions

    Following Module 2 you will meet with your coachee (team member).  Consider the learning from Modules 1 & 2 and write up a few notes on your reflections, successes and challenges. When you return to the final module we will review,  discuss and evaluate your learning and include some strategies to avoid any future issues or concerns.  We will also include the right and wrong ways of giving feedback as a coach-manager.

  • Module 3

    For this final 2-hour module we will start by reviewing your coaching practice challenges and successes before moving on to understanding how to give valuable feedback in a coaching style. We finish the session by consolidating learning and evaluating what has worked well for you over the past few sessions and how you will continually use these skills to help you to connect with your teams and customers. 

  • More about coaching

    Over the course of these modules, we  explore the importance of establishing, learning and developing a core of essential coaching and communication skills.  These skills are essential in any situation. What sets them apart in coaching is that the emphasis is on high level listening skills. The quality of your listening will define the quality of your questions.  The skill in coaching is to be able to suspend your own thoughts and internal chatter, not to give advice and to focus entirely on the person in front of you and what they are saying. Being ‘present’ underpins all of these essential skills and having the interest and curiosity in what the individual is saying and what they want to achieve.  The ability to pick up on non-verbal cues is also important. 

  • Who is this programme aimed at?

    This course is relevant for all managers of people and relationships such as customers or stakeholders – and for anyone who is curious about what coaching is and how it can be used in a practical way at work and in life.

  • How much theory is there?

    The course includes very little theory and what there is is practical and logical. The emphasis is on understanding enough of the theory to gain context and understanding with a focus on how to use these skills within your every day work and home life.

  • What do I need to access the course?

    We recommend you use a computer so that the Zoom technology can be used in the most effective way. This isn’t always possible using ipads, tablets or phones. Using a computer or static laptop means the camera is likely to be in the right place for you to see everyone and everyone to see you during the session. This course is all about connecting with others so we ask you to have the camera switched on.

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