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Management Development Programme for Senior Managers and Directors (5 Days)

Level:Management Duration:5 Days CII CPD Hours:30

Most small/medium broking firms are well managed, but they always need to have an eye on staying ahead of the competition, developing and maintaining the success of their businesses. Our five-day programme provides an excellent network and learning opportunity for delegates who require management development with an insurance broking focus.

Delegates are likely to be experienced owners, directors and senior managers (perhaps Approved Persons in significant influence functions) who wish to maximise their potential and help lead their firm.

Often managers have built and developed successful businessess, but have not had the formal exposure to some management techniques. This programme will help to enhance the additional skills they are likely to need in performing such roles in the future. The opportunity to debate current topics with like-minded business people has also proved invaluable to previous delegates.

The programme will be delivered for a group size of 6 to 12 owner/senior leaders over five separate days at approximately monthly intervals.

The programme is heavily participative to ensure that learning opportunities are maximised.

At the end of the programme the successful delegate will receive a CII endorsed certificate.

This programme has been approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and for a small additional fee Searchlight can provide delegates with an ILM Certificate and six months student membership – designed to help candidates get the most from their management career, offering online tutorials and access to a range of specialist support and development materials and services.

Please note the ILM option needs to be requested before the course and to gain ILM certification all five days must be attended

  • Day 1 content includes:

    Strategy and Business Planning

    • Improving awareness of the FCA requirements on actively managing your business
    • Assessing Business Risk
    • Establishing Strategic and Tactical Plans
    • Defining key components of a Business Plan
    • Implementing your Business Plan
    • Reviewing progress against Plan
    • Examining Evidencing through proper MI
    • Considering future options – takeover, merger, sale.


  • Day 2 content includes:


    • Defining the role of the leader
    • Appreciating different management styles
    • What makes a successful team
    • Planning and setting goals and key success criteria
    • Constructive feedback
    • Communication and trust
    • Motivating and coaching the team
    • Measuring performance of the team members.


  • Day 3 content includes:

    Financial management

    • Explaining business cash flow model and accounting terms
    • Applying business finance basics to construct the balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow statement
    • Comparing the financial dynamics of an insurance broker with those of its commercial clients
    • Explaining and using accounting ratios to interpret financial performance
    • Understanding the concepts of liquidity, solvnecy and the FCA’s expectations of prudential capital adequacy
    • Exploring the budgeting process and budgeting process and budgetary control to optimise business performance
    • Describing the concept of investment appraisal and net present value to assess investment opportunities.



  • Day 4 content includes:

    Succession planning and interview skills

    • Harnessing the power of Talent Management
    • Reviewing current structures
    • Preparing for structural change
    • Updating employment law
    • Preparing a Succession Plan
    • Examining the pitfalls of Interviewing.
  • Day 5 content includes:

    Sales and relationship management skills

    • Reviewing Sales Incentive Schemes
    • Ensuring TCF embodied
    • Launching new products
    • Defining Strategic: Tactical Selling
    • Managing sales teams
    • Carrying out an Internal Sales Audit
    • Improving Coaching
    • Refreshing the Sales Process
    • Managing Insurer relationships
    • Linking Sales with Marketing.


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