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How does SmartSource work?

We tend to start by working with you and your staff to understand your business objectives and the required training to help you meet them.

First…. a Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

This analysis of training needs within a firm calls for the input and guidance of experienced consultants. For insurance firms, not only is it a regulatory requirement to show how you are working towards staff competence, it is also best business practice to take a structured and planned approach to identifying the training needs of your team, both at individual and corporate level.

We offer a range of TNA services to suit each type and size of firm and the depth of information you require. We will undertake the TNA by reviewing all relevant company documentation – e.g. business plans, appraisals – as well as onsite fact-finds and/or interviews with managers and/or personnel. All our TNA work is conducted within the context of the regulatory framework by industry professionals.

Then…. tailored training and development solutions

We then create an action plan which, once endorsed, we manage through implementation to an agreed budget so there are no nasty surprises.

At Searchlight, we provide our customers with the option of bespoke training and development initiatives and access to over 300 open market courses a year to meet needs that have been identified following our TNA report, or may be evident from your own analysis, systems or results.

For those needs it may be your firm requires something more sophisticated than the occasional “off the shelf” training or e-learning course.  Maybe you’re about to introduce a new product? Maybe you have a very specialist training need for just a few employees? Maybe your in-house resources are already committed and you have an important deadline to achieve?

Whatever the case we can offer a range of solutions that can be shaped to your specific objectives, including:

  • Face to face workshop training
  • Authoring e-learning for your intranet or providing e-learning materials
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Assessment activities

These different interventions can be blended, if required and can be totally tailored to ensure correct reference to your own products, procedures, sector and people.

Working to your guidelines and/or in close partnership with your own team, we can use our own team of experienced practitioners, design materials for delivery by your own training team, or tap into our network of contacts.

Throughout the implementation of the agreed action plan you retain control but part of our skill is to keep close to you and provide suitable updates whilst getting on with the tasks at hand. You will be assigned a single point of contact for the relationship and we will work within your location(s) or remotely, depending on the activity and your preferences.


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